Two Images
Missionary and Pilgrim

A locutionist in the state of Washington was told Our Lady of Guadalupe wants to travel.  Since the real image cannot leave Mexico, photographs (filmed by NASA during recent analysis) were blessed at the Basilica in front of the authentic Tilma of Juan Diego. 


The purpose of the Missionary Images is for conversions, reverence for life, sanctity of the family and solidarity of the Church in America.  Missionary Images are actual size (4’X6’) replicas of the original Miraculous Image of Our Lady which she left on Blessed Juan Diego’s tilma.  The Images have visited each of the United States in over one thousand parishes and have received the veneration of hundreds of  thousands since it started traveling in 1991.

The Holy Father asked for a "New Evangelization." The United States bishops entrusted this evangelization to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  They said, "We entrust our commitment to giving birth with new fervor to the life of the Gospel in our hemisphere, to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas.  She truly was the first Christ bearer, by her maternal intercession, may her faithful sons and daughters be renewed and discover afresh the joy and splendor an promise of being bearers of the good news.

Many people have felt the heartbeat of an unborn child in Mary's womb as well as the heartbeat of the Image itself.

May 23, 2003 - Doctor Margaret Pasakas placed her
stethoscope on the heart of the Missionary Image of
Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Joseph Hospital in
Reading, Pennsylvania. To her utter astonishment
she heard a human heartbeat 

Our Lady is teaching us that abortion is about a child
and not a choice.

In Wichita, Kansas, the Missionary Image visited an abortuary where late-term babies are being killed and cremated in an incinerator on the premises. As the Image was processed around the killing center, people smelled a strong fragrance of roses.  Then, they saw rose petals miraculously flaking from the Image in all directions.  An eyewitness to this extraordinary event, experienced an overwhelming peace and said that it seemed as if heaven had come down to earth and Our Lady was saying, "It is good for you to be here; as I too stood at the foot of the Cross silently watching and praying as my innocent Son was crucified."

On several occasions the Image has wept tears of oil.  Once it wept on Christmas Day before the entire congregation.  The priest told them, "Our Lady is weeping on her Son's birthday for all of her children who have no birthday because of abortion.” 

It wept tears at a prison in Phoenix and was witnessed by about 30 people.
A Prayer for The Missionary Image of
Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Catholic People of Mexico and I pray to God that the paths of the Journey
of the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe throughout the United States
of America, become rays of Our Lady's love, care, protection and help for all her
children, particularly the unborn.

May she end without exception the horrible evil of abortion.

May she convert millions of hearts to the Sacred Heart of her Son Jesus and His holy Church through her Immaculate Heart.

May all pro-life forces unite under the banner of Our Lady of Guadalupe
with her title of "Protectress of the Unborn."


The use and spread of the Pilgrim Images, from the start in 1981 has been primarily the work of Our Lady.  The use was quickly focused on home visits of one week, followed by many blessings to family members.  Our Lady has hastened to visit homes in many communities throughout the Americas, and on other continents as well. Uncounted thousands of the Images are now making home visits. 

For this reason it came to be called the Pilgrim Image (of the face of Our Lady of Guadalupe), to distinguish it from the (more recent) Traveling Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Pilgrim Images were donated in 1981, by a woman who resided in Mexico.  Her name was Maria Luisa Urquiza.  Maria Luisa gave the Images away in thanksgiving for the intercession of Our Lady when she and her young son were drowning in the ocean.  Our Mexican sister pleaded to the Blessed Mother for her son’s life.  The waters miraculously calmed down and the boy made it to shore.

The Pilgrim Image can be carried in a bag and sits on a table top.  It is very portable.  For more information about the Pilgrim Images of Our Lady of Guadalupe, click here

There have been some blessings with it also… Here is one example: 

A Catholic Daughter from Court Our Lady of Guadalupe, 2250, was near death.  She had a Pilgrim Image in her hospital room.  It was morning about 9 o’clock.  Her voice was very weak. She looked at the picture of Mary (Pilgrim Image). “It seems closer, it is very large and bright—the room seems to be brighter.”  …maybe a foretaste of heaven! She died 48 hours later.     
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For further information about the Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, visit or
write to The Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, 144 Sheldon Road, St. Albans, VT  05478
or call 1-888-834-6261.
Missionary Image will be in the following states:

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       December 8, 2011-January 2, 2012, Belcourt, NDDecember 1, 2011-January 2, 2012, Phoenix, AZ.

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